IntelliDeck Makes Life Simpler For Installers By Stocking Skimcoat

Skimcoat is now available directly from IntelliDeck. You asked and IntelliDeck listens! Recently we had a couple of IntelliDeck Factory Trained Installers comment that they were having a difficult time finding the “Dependable White Skimcoat” that we use to patch the subflooring when installing IntellDeck. We are happy to announce that we now [...]

Chevron Deck Membrane Patterns are Here!

IntelliDeck Launches its Highly Anticipated Chevron Collection. Boardwalk Shorewood Hansberry Add Some Wow to Your Deck - Add unique styling and waterproofing to your outdoor surface with IntelliDeck’s three new chevron patterns- Hansberry, Boardwalk and Shorewood  - developed by the [...]

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IntelliDeck Off-Master Install in Ashburn, VA

Ashburn, Virginia- A beautiful late spring day in May, the IntelliDeck team was contacted by a local homeowner- Jerry Carney- for a re-install of a competitor installation over 5 years old.  Jerry's beautiful master bedroom walkout was in need of some TLC- especially since it needed to be waterproof to protect his brilliant [...]

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Why Are Seams So Important With Vinyl Deck Membranes?

Deck Membranes: All They Seam To Be Deck Membrane Seam Importance - Vinyl deck membranes themselves are completely 100% waterproof. The places that aren't made 100% waterproof are place where two pieces of material come together, or seams. This is why seams are so important when you're trying to make [...]

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How Do You Clean Vinyl Deck Membranes?

Keep Your Deck Membranes Clean Cleaning Deck Membranes - If you have a vinyl deck membrane (Hopefully, it's IntelliDeck!), you're likely to wonder "How do I clean a deck membrane?". Chances are, it's probably more simple than you think, and this is one of the many reasons that vinyl deck [...]

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Can Pets Damage Vinyl Deck Membranes?

Pet Friendly Decking Solution Pet Friendly Decking - Fun fact: Around 75% of American homes have a pet of some sort in them, but does this pose a problem for those of us who want vinyl deck membranes? To answer this question we went to our vinyl decking experts, Grant [...]

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Do Deck Membranes Hold Heat?

Step With Caution or Barefoot Friendly? Decking Membranes Hold Heat - One of the big things that people seem to always wonder about vinyl deck membranes is "Are they hot?", and you might be surprised to learn that they aren't that hot. In-fact, some deck membranes (like IntelliDeck cool colors™) [...]

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Where Else Can Deck Membranes Be Used?

Oh, The Places Deck Membranes Go Deck Membrane Places - The bottom line is this: Deck membranes can be put just about anywhere you want them to go. They're versatile and especially good at waterproofing and slip resisting surfaces. Not only can they really go places, but they usually do [...]

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