Can I Have Deck Railing With Deck Membranes?

Have Your Deck and Your Railings Too Deck Railings - You might think that you can't have deck railings when you use a deck membrane, but then you'd be wrong. Yes, it's true that you need to make holes in order to properly attach the railing, but it's not a [...]

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Why Is My Deck Membrane Leaking?

Leaky Deck Membranes Why Does It Leak? - If you own a deck  and  have tried waterproofing it one way or another and you're still having problems, then you should know two things. 1. You're not alone, 2. There's a reason it's leaking. Grant Barlow and MyWaterproofDeck know how to keep [...]

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Can you waterproof deck posts?

Waterproofing Deck Posts Waterproof Posts - Think your deck posts will leak with a deck membrane on your deck? Think again! Grant Barlow and MyWaterproofDeck have worked hard over the years to make every area of a deck waterproof. In the video, Grant talks about the finer points of making your [...]

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IntelliDeck Sponsored Installation Training

Intern Friendly, Veteran Approved As an intern this summer in the marketing department of O’Sullivan Films, the higher-ups thought it would be a good idea for me to learn how to install our luxury vinyl outdoor flooring: IntelliDeck. It’s a waterproof decking solution which means it has no holes [...]

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Featured IntelliDeck Install- slip resistance around a physical therapy pool.

IntelliDeck is ADA Compliant One of the most important benefits about IntelliDeck is that it is a slip resistant product weather wet or dry. IntelliDeck exceeds the American Disabilities Acts (ADA) requirements. Here are some photos of an install of our Slate pattern being installed in West Arm [...]

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Hot decks can take fun out of summer but there are some cool options.

The Coolest Deck Out There Hi, it's Lindsey, your friend over at IntelliDeck.  One of the comments I most often hear from deck owners and contractors is the common complaint of how uncomfortably hot PT and Composite decks get in the summer. Going out on the  deck to relax [...]

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How do I waterproof in 1 step?

One-Step Waterproofing Hi, it's Lindsey, your friend over at IntelliDeck. We’ve all heard it before- you want a waterproof deck, because you want to enjoy the living space underneath the deck-- even in rainy weather. One hundred years ago, painted canvas was applied to porch floors to protect the wood [...]

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