IntelliDeck provides solutions! Concrete rooftop pool deck at Biscayne Suites in Ocean City, NJ

Revamp Your Deck Hi, it’s Lindsey from IntelliDeck. In this blog, I wanted to feature an IntelliDeck install that took place recently in Ocean City, New Jersey using our Venetian Taupe pattern.  We were contacted by Biscayne Suites in Ocean City, New Jersey, to solve a leaking problem on [...]

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What type of deck has the lowest cost of ownership?

The Low Cost Solution Hi, it is Lindsey, your friend over at IntelliDeck  Let’s be honest- everyone wants a nice deck at a low cost. A deck installer's job is to present several options, and guide the home owner to make an informed decision that both they and their [...]

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Why is IntelliDeck Better than WPC and Pressure Treated Decks?

Why Intellideck Is Best Hi, It’s Lindsey from IntelliDeck  I hope you’re having a great week. Last blog, I gave you an overview of deck membranes. This time, let’s discuss decking material. Here's the reality: Pressure treated wood degrades and requires constant upkeep. The WPC decks have [...]

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IntelliDeck- Installation Video

Installation: The installation of IntelliDeck takes 8 easy steps. The substructure for an IntelliDeck deck is 90% the same as for any decking material. There is no need to use pressure treated/chemically treated lumber as IntelliDeck is a one step waterproofing product.   Step 1- Frame it- Build the 16 inch on center [...]

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