IntelliDeck Launches its Highly Anticipated Chevron Collection.




Add Some Wow to Your Deck – Add unique styling and waterproofing to your outdoor surface with IntelliDeck’s three new chevron patterns- Hansberry, Boardwalk and Shorewood  – developed by the same in-house team that brought you the popular Naturals Collection , which features planks that beautify any outdoor surface.

A Chevron Pattern Without the Hassle– Traditionally, chevron patterns cut from wood and composite planks require precision and generate a fair amount of waste. Deck framing needs to be changed from normal 16” on center joist spacing to 12” on center to accommodate the angled boards. This results in additional joists needed for the deck frame. This is not the case when using IntelliDeck’s Chevron Collection.

Meticulously Designed for Simple Installation – Our design team worked closely with our installers to ensure the pattern would have an easy and natural looking seam alignment along the “breaker boards”, resulting in a nearly invisible seam.

A Premium Look at a Fraction of the Time & Expense – Now customers can have the premium look of chevron in just a fraction of the time (and expense). Our factory trained IntelliDeck installers are ready to apply the same proven methods for a beautiful, waterproof and worry free surface for years to come.

Innovation & Quality: It’s What We Do – With the resources of our new parent company Continental, the IntelliDeck team continues to innovate and bring you waterproof solutions for your deck, porch, patio and rooftop decks.

The “Hansberry”  Chevron Pattern by IntelliDeck